Land. People. Communities. That’s what CMG specializes in.

CMG knows the land, how to develop it, and how to manage the developments in it. We know how to place residents in developments, and help them live comfortably in our communities. We specialize in helping investors and land owners evaluate their land, plan for development, and finance their projects. Our portfolio of residential and commercial projects attests to the vast experience we’ve gained over the last 20 years in the fields of development and management. Contact us to schedule an appointment.

CMG Services include:

Asset Management

Managing your properties as if they were our own, CMG works diligently to protect, maintain, and grow your assets. Services include maintenance, HOAs, budgeting, inventory control, and more.

Resident Life

If you’re looking for a place to live, you need search no further. We offer a diverse mix of single family homes, townhomes, and apartments for every lifestyle.


Our total solution development services turn your dream into a reality. With strong ties to the community and knowledge of local regulations, we can develop raw land into a profitable asset.

Due Diligence

Do your homework, or rather, let us do it for you. We conduct market studies, inspections, financial analysis, and more, so you can know what you’re buying before you buy it.

Construction Management

From pre-construction planning to delivery of occupancy permit, CMG brings experience, expertise, and a sense of ownership to your construction project—new construction, renovations, existing blueprints, and more.


Never say never. We specialize in connecting owners with community financing option for residential and commercial investments.




Asset Management

Maintenance   •   Inventory Control   •   Customer Service   •   Budget   •   Capital Improvement

Our goal in asset management is simple: manage assets wisely so they can create value.

Over the course of 20 years, CMG has managed millions of dollars in real estate assets, striving on behalf of our clients to increase their profits and decrease their liabilities. We view assets as living organisms that change over time, vulnerable to external factors, yet resilient and profitable when managed well. Our job is to anticipate challenges, manage status quo, and facilitate growth so assets make money, rather than deplete it.

At CMG, we are always aspiring to manage our clients’ assets well. Our portfolio of apartment communities, commercial buildings, single family homes, and homeowners associations speaks volumes to the level of excellence we continue to achieve in asset management.

What can we do for you?

As experts in the field, we know that one of the quickest ways to ruin an asset is in the area of maintenance. Whether your asset is in need of routine maintenance, general wear-and-tear of repairs, or emergency services, we make sure the job gets done right and on time. Our strategy in maintaining your asset is to stay on top of general upkeep and routine maintenance, respond quickly to incoming service calls, utilize technology to facilitate work orders, and monitor depreciation/useful life.

Also, our routine property inspections help identify what preventative maintenance is needed to extend the life of an asset. For example, our experience has taught us that quarterly change of filters and maintenance of HVAC units will extend the life of the unit. An asset that is not routinely inspected for preventative maintenance is one that is destined to lose money.

Inventory Control
Real Estate assets make money when they are occupied, period. That’s why we work so hard to know exactly what and when inventory is available. Many clients have come to us in the past with a property that has been vacant for months. We know there are times in the real estate market where 100% occupancy is challenging, but we do our best to anticipate these market shifts, evaluate our planned vacancies (expired leases, etc.), and expedite unit turnovers to ensure that your asset’s inventory is at optimum occupancy. Also, we can recommend changes within clients’ portfolios based on our first-hand knowledge of market conditions.

Customer Service
Building relationships with customers is key to managing an asset and we value our people.

Quality customer service permeates all that we endeavor to do—fielding incoming calls, meeting potential residents onsite, and communicating with maintenance personnel. While technology helps us manage the flow of customer service-related tasks, we always hold supreme the value of people themselves.

CMG knows that budget is the backbone to successful asset management. Budgeting starts with knowing where you want to go. Budgeting works hand in hand with our vision and strategy for our clients’ assets.

When budgeting, we consider actual and projected income and expenses. Each area of asset management in which we engage has an impact in the budget. Preventative and routine maintenance, property inspections, and depreciation help us to incorporate capital projections into the overall budget. Other aspects of our budgeting process include cost analysis, asset valuation, and overall portfolio strategy. Through the budgeting process, CMG helps our clients plan for their future.

Capital Improvements
Whether your asset is new construction or an existing property, you will need to anticipate capital improvements if you plan to retain the asset for a period of time. CMG has worked with many clients to evaluate their assets, budget for projected expenditures, and supervise capital improvements. We have made recommendations for and supervised the work over many capital improvements. These are not small jobs, nor are they minor budget concerns. CMG realizes the importance and impact that capital improvements have on an asset and we make recommendations to budget appropriately.

Resident Life

Marketing   •   Leasing   •   Resident Screening   •   Communication   •   Activities

Take a look at our communities and you’ll find a variety of residents living among one another, all pursuing their own personal plans for life. In our communities, people are able to work, go to school, play, and socialize in a convenient, comfortable, and fun environment. Whether you are searching for an apartment, townhouse, or single-family home, CMG can place you in some of the finest residences in the Virginia area.

Communities like ours don’t happen by accident. It takes a genuine concern for people, a personal sense of community, and a relentless pursuit of excellence. CMG makes it happen!

How we market
Our marketing strategy utilizes a variety of ways to reach the best residents possible, including radio, Internet, community advertising, open houses, and other highly visible opportunities. We believe that two of our best marketing strategies are word-of-mouth and what you see when you visit one of our communities. When an inquiry is received, we respond swiftly and seek immediately to find a solution for our prospective resident. We believe CMG has something for everyone and we welcome you to tour our properties at any time.

Who we reach
Once a good match between resident and their new home is found, we begin the screening process with the prospect. Our screening process seeks to ensure as best as possible, that prospects can pay the rent, take care of the unit, and live comfortably within the community.

CMG guides residents through the next phase of becoming part of our communities by executing the lease. We want you to know that we will keep our promises as we expect you to keep yours.

Communication & Activities
Communication is key to creating a community that can live, work, and play together. From the resident screening process to leasing and living, CMG maintains consistent communication with our residents. Whether we are informing the residents of scheduled work at the playground or reminding them of their lease renewal, we communicate to our residents through email. When there are planned activities, such as resident socials and special events, CMG makes sure that our residents are aware of the dates, times, and details. We don’t want our residents to miss out on the fun of living in one of our communities.

Sustainable Living
As a company, we understand that lifestyle affects environment. In CMG communities, we strive to reduce our impact through sustainable living. Using the newest technologies, encouraging recycling/reusing, and developing other positive environmental habits, our communities make a difference in Virginia.

Visit one of our communities today!


You have waited long enough. The market is begging you to develop your project into a viable product…

The development process is full of twists and turns that can lead to dead ends when left in the hands of inexperienced developers. One miscalculation in a unit design or misstep in permitting can bring an entire project to a multi-million dollar halt. We use the knowledge and experience we have gained over decades to anticipate obstacles, coordinate with local authorities, and resolve issues that may surface beyond our control.

Since we continue to own and operate many of our past projects, building from an owner’s perspective is one of our key strengths. Our proven track record includes:

  • Multi family
  • Single family
  • Mixed use
  • Office
  • Light commercial

Our experienced staff are devoted to moving the project from its pre-construction stage to final product delivery. There are several pre-construction processes that CMG undertakes to ensure successful outcomes, such as market and feasibility studies, environmental and engineering analysis, and proformas. Too often, we have witnessed inexperienced developers fall victim to the proverbial money pit syndrome when these critical pre-construction processes were ignored or done poorly.

The zoning and permitting processes vary among municipalities, counties, and states. Environmental regulations are changing rapidly. General contractors come and go. Yet, CMG stands above other developers in that we have established strong ties in the community and much experience in handling all of these aspects of development. We know the area, the people, the hoops. We stay informed and educated on the most up-to-date regulations and technologies to ensure that our clients’ development projects are successful.

There is no substitute for experience, and our experience enables us to create realistic budgets, maintain responsible building practices, and, ultimately, deliver high-quality products to our owners. Due to CMG’s local market knowledge and development experience, we are able to navigate from acquisition, design development, financing, permitting, and site work to completion. We stand ready to consult or partner on your development needs. Contact us today.


Due Diligence

Benjamin Franklin once said, “Diligence is the mother of good luck.” At CMG, we embark on nothing without due diligence and we recommend to our owners/investors that they turn to us for the same.

You may have an interest in purchasing raw land or an existing structure, or starting a new construction/development project…but have you done your homework? Will the market bear your investment? Is the location within appropriate zoning? Has the property been inspected? Are contracts in order? Those are the kinds of questions that we ask when we embark upon due diligence.

Our due diligence can include:

  • conducting in-depth market studies (analyze data on location, demographics, economy)
  • detailed reviews of zoning, planning, and property legal documents
  • onsite unit inspections
  • comprehensive reviews of financials and tax returns
  • production/presentation of finalized report of all results

When considering existing properties, like apartment complexes or commercial facilities, we also can perform the following:

  • conduct full property inspections (roofs, electrical, plumbing by licensed contractor)
  • review existing contracts (leases, service and subcontractor agreements)
  • assess current staff
  • provide a capital expenditure plan

When it comes to your money, your investment, we urge you to invest first in due diligence before signing on the dotted line. You can trust CMG to position you to make the best decision possible by relying on us for due diligence.

Contact us today with your investment opportunity.

Construction Management

So, you have a new project in mind? A renovation or modernization? Regardless of where you are in the construction project, you can trust CMG to manage the project through to completion. With over 20 years of expertise in both residential and commercial construction management, CMG will optimize your resources in order to achieve the most highest of standards in construction. We offer complete coordination and oversight of the project, from beginning to completion, and can jump into an existing project anywhere in between. Services include project planning and coordination, budgeting, due diligence, acquisitions, and project governance. When you rely on CMG for your construction management needs, you can rest assured that the job will be done—on budget, on time, and on spec.

Contact us for a consultation or read more about all that we can do for your construction project.

For both residential and commercial projects, CMG can provide the one-stop-shop to meet your construction needs. We listen to your construction objectives, develop a construction plan, and coordinate the construction through to its end. Since we pride ourselves in maintaining the highest standards in construction, your project will reflect the efficiency and innovation that we bring to every project we manage.

In the planning process, CMG considers what will be best for you, our client. We can often make recommendations to our clients based on what we’ve learned in our 20 years in the field, equaling savings and overall improvements to a client’s bottom line. When planning your project, we consider things like procurement and local versus regional labor costs. Our expertise helps us to anticipate new construction challenges, such as weather and permits/inspections scheduling. We prepare and/or develop budgets based on due diligence, keeping in mind what is best for our clients.

Bidding Process
In coordinating the construction project, we can also coordinate with a third-party to oversee the various components needed to complete a job. We facilitate the management of a bidding process, helping the investor with calls for proposals/bids, vetting of subcontractors, or the negotiation of best value for our client.

CMG’s Construction Management Division is here to make your construction project stand out above the rest. We do nothing average and everything with excellence. Contact us today to take your project to the next level.


Sometimes you come across an opportunity that you just can’t pass up. Maybe, for you, it’s a townhouse community or a 15-acre parcel on a main highway. The problem is you don’t have the financing you need to make the deal happen before someone else snags it…

How can we help?

  • We are experienced with non-recourse & recourse acquisition loans, as well as recourse construction loans.
  • We can invest or joint venture
  • We specialize in deal structuring for optimum ROI

On our last two projects we obtained 100 % permanent financing providing an incredible ROI to the owners.

CMG has established strong relationships in the community. While we are not a lender, we have raised over $150 million in debt and equity for residential housing projects over the past 20 years. We can help you, too, by connecting you with the right people to provide financing needs.

We know people, we know institutions, and we know deals.