Old Fashioned Customer Service

Old Fashion Customer Service: For Jeanne Stosser, Grayson Is A Reminder Of How Things Used To Be

Jonathan Kruckow, New River Valley Area Executive, left, and Jeanne Stosser, right.

Grayson National Bank hasn’t been in Blacksburg very long, but Jeanne Stosser has. Her company, CMG Leasing, has been managing housing for Virginia Tech students since the 1970s. Then in the 1990s she and her sons Scott and Jeffrey began SAS Builders, which has done millions of dollars in residential and light commercial construction in the Blacksburg, Christiansburg and Radford areas over the last two decades. Needless to say, Jeanne is well known to the local banks. “Over the years we’ve done business with all the banks,” she says. But until recently she had never done business with Grayson National Bank, even though she was well aware of them.

“I grew up in Wythe County, so I was very familiar with Grayson County and I was familiar with GNB, but I had just never had an occasion to deal with them,” she says. However in 2012 the bank hired Jonathan Kruckow as their New River Valley Area Executive, with the objective of expanding the Grayson National Bank community banking philosophy to Blacksburg. Jeanne saw this as “a golden opportunity” to work with Grayson. “So we made an inquiry about financing a project through Grayson and it was just the most pleasant experience

I’ve ever had in dealing with a bank,” she says. “They were responsive, they were pleasant to work with, and it got handled in record time. So that’s where my relationship with the bank started – through one of their new representatives.  They’ve been delightful to deal with.”

For Jeanne, her experience with Grayson reminds her of a time when community banks were the norm. “Working with Grayson takes me back many years to dealing with the original First National Bank, which was our lead bank. When I started they were all what I would call community banks, where it was like a neighborhood bank, and the people knew everybody and they knew who was there and what they were doing, and it was more of a comfortable, less institutional type relationship.” With the bigger banks, she finds that isn’t always the case. “I was with a larger lender, and you get lost in the shuffle sometimes in that arena,” she says.

Now that she and Grayson have begun working together, Jeanne plans to do more with the bank. “We would certainly like to expand the relationship,” she says. “We’ll use them as much as we can, and look forward to that.”

Customers like Jeanne represent the future of Grayson National Bank – new relationships in new and growing market areas, reminding people that good banking is really about good customer service. It’s an old fashioned idea, but it’s one that has worked for us for a long time, and these days we believe it makes more of a difference than ever.

Reference: Annual Report 2013 - GraysonNationalBank.com

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